Here you’ll find my pregnancy story, research I’ve done on medical decisions I had to make, midwifery and recommended reading.

I’ll share about what to expect throughout your pregnancy, how to prepare for baby, and what things you need to learn more about. There are also some articles here for expecting daddies that you can share with your man!

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of unexpected surprises! I hope to help you make it easier, by helping to preparing you in advance, by sharing my experiences and the things that I’ve learned. This way you won’t need to do as much leg work in your journey.

I’ve tried to provide a lot of value in this content, so please leave me a comment or share it with other pregnant mamas you know. If I help just one mommy to have a better childbirth experience, or feel more confident in her decisions, then I’ll be happy.

Of course pregnancy is different for every woman out there. I try to cover a broad range of ideas to consider, so that you will know what questions to ask to be informed about the things you need to know.

American society is RIFE with false information regarding childbirth, spread throughout the medical community, even those with the best of intentions.

I am passionate about sharing information with you on a range of topics.  Natural pregnancy, childbirth and mothering, to name a few.

Also, I love helping to educate people about preventative family health, so that you can keep your family healthy the natural way. This includes clean eating and nutrition, low carb and keto life. You can navigate these different topics using the menu above.

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