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Here I will go over some of the most unnecessary baby items I’ve ever used or heard of… what NOT to put on a baby registry.

These are things that you really, truly DON’T need, that will sit in storage, unused.

Some will even be useless through multiple children, or even if they are usable, there are better, easier, CHEAPER ways to get the job done.

The worst part is that there are LOTS of clever marking gimmicks to convince you that you really NEED their crazy unpractical baby item, because as first time mommies and daddies, you can’t see how dumb they are until you try to put it to use.

Many things you should really look at to buy second hand! I will put together a separate article on items to buy second hand soon.

Some of these, you might WANT on your list anyways, and that’s ok. I just want to help you out as much as I can to save some baby registry space for the items that are actual baby registry necessities.

I also did the Ultimate Baby Registry Essentials List (with a printable PDF checklist), which was a HUGE undertaking and a SO many hours of research… so check it out in addition to this article, to make sure you don’t forget the most important baby must haves!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click a link and then choose to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Wipes Warmer

These are super dumb. Sorry to be so blunt.

More importantly, they can GROW MOLD IN YOUR BABY WIPES.

All you need to do for a warm wipe is put the wipe in your hands and blow warm air into them… you know, like you do in the wintertime when you have cold hands?

Now, a one handed wipes DISPENSER, on the other hand… I freaking LOVE these. They look much nicer in strategic places in your home, and provide easy one handed action.

Do you NEED one? definitely not. But I’ll be honest, I have 4 (Really). AND it’s less than half the price of the warmer.


wipes dispenser - great item for baby registry


wipes warmer - you don't need this on your baby registry

Bottle Warmer

These were invented by people who want to pray on those who haven’t learned to value their kitchen counter “real estate”.

I won’t go on all day on this one, just know you can save the considerable amount of money and just sit the bottle in warm water or do a double boiler style in a pot on the on the stove, in the case of frozen breastmilk.

TOTAL waste of $41.



bottle warmer - you don't need this on your baby registry

Newborn Shoes/Booties/Footwear

So, infants don’t wear shoes. Those booties are cute, but don’t bother with anything under 6-12 month size.

Any regular shoes under a size 3-4 are a complete waste of money, because the only reason you’d need them is if your baby is walking around outside, where it’s wet, or dirty (Even for family pictures, just show off those cute little baby toes!).

Shoes actually make it much harder for new walkers to develop their skills, so If it’s summer, it’s perfectly fine to keep them barefoot, and in the winter you’ll probably have them in footie jammies and they’re not going to run around in the snow, obviously.

If they do need their feet covered inside, the soft leather booties are great for new walkers. But you DO NOT need them for newborn infants.


6-24 month leather booties - great item for baby registry


newborn shoes - you don't need this on your baby registry

Newborn Socks

Seriously guys, no. Just no.

Not only will they grow out of these super fast (or even not fit at birth). ALSO, babies manage to lose their socks all the time, it’s like magic, they just disappear.

As far as I’m concerned (for your sanity), you won’t want to be dressing your baby in socks/shirt/pants/etc. anyways.

Stick with one piece outfits that open easily for diaper changes, or if you need pants to go over onesies, grab these ones with feet attached!


pants with feet attached - great item for baby registry


newborn socks - you don't need this on your baby registry

Hooded Baby Towel

The cute hooded animal towels are super cute, but really? You can just use the towels you already have. Enough said. Don’t register for one.

Aunt Erma will probably get you one anyways because she probably didn’t look at your Amazon registry anyways.


bath towels


hooded baby towel - you don't need this on your baby registry

Baby bathrobe

Same as the baby towels, except double. I was gifted two of these at various times in my little boys lives, and I think they MIGHT have worn them once each…

You might get one anyways, but it really shouldn’t be on your baby registry.


bath towels


baby bath robe - you don't need this on your baby registry

Special Diaper Pail

Special diaper pails are a HUGE racket in the baby industry. It’s kind of like how the overpriced venus razor blades cost like $5 each?

Yeah, well the special bags you have to buy to work with these pails are just like that. I have one of these, and it costs me at least $1 EACH for the special Muchkin bags.

The length of time diapers can stay in them is WAY too long. I’ve actually had flies start breeding in there when the bag had been left when my son had begun potty training (cue retching).

A regular kitchen garbage can (or any garbage can with a lid) will hold in the scent of poopy diapers just fine, and if you really don’t want them in there then use your outside garbage.


kitchen garbage


diaper genie - you don't need this on your baby registry

Fancy baby clothes (especially in newborn sizes)

Ok, special outfits definitely don’t make the cut for your baby registry.

If there’s a really special outfit that you want for family photos or something like that, trust me… don’t guess on size, just wait and buy it yourself when you’re sure what size you’ll need at what time of year.

Also, babies spit up on EVERYTHING, and it’s like baby vengeance that they will always. Puke. On. Fancy. Clothes.


footie pajamas with zippers - great item for baby registry


fancy baby clothes

Pacifier wipes

These are stupid. Skip it. I can’t even believe they exist. The crap they put in these wipes is WAY worse for your baby than the pacifier getting dropped on the floor, especially if it’s at your own home.

Ok, so you’re not going to register for a puppy to lick your baby’s pacifier clean, but in all seriousness, germs are good for baby’s immune system and colonization of friendly gut bacteria… so really, liberate yourself and just let go of being a germophobe.




pacifier wipes - you don't need this on your baby registry

Fancy crib bedding sets

Baby isn’t supposed to sleep alone with anything else in their bed with them such as blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or crib bumpers… So don’t even bother with this.

Stick with some fitted crib sheets and good sleep sacks instead. These are baby safe, functional, and MUCH more affordable. By the time you’ll be able to but blankets and pillows in their bed safely at around a year and a half, they’ll be too big for it.


sleep sack - great item for baby registry


baby crib bedding set - you don't need this on your baby registry

Baby Food Processer

It’s really not that big of a deal to mush up some cooked vegetables and such, or if you already have a magic bullet or other small blender, food processor or immersion blender, you can use that for making a few days worth at a time.

To put it in perspective, the countertop blender below is $25.99 on Amazon, and the baby food machine to the right costs nearly $120!!! REALLY.


countertop blender for baby food preparation


baby food maker - you don't need this on your baby registry

Dedicated Changing Table

Ask any parent of a toddler, and they’ll tell you that as soon as baby is rolling over and getting mobile, you will quickly want to switch over to changing baby on the floor.

Also, it’s annoying to go to the nursery for every change anyways…

I recommend having two diaper caddies, one in the nursery, and one in the living room or play area. Especially if your nursery is on a different floor like mine is.

OR you can get a changing TOPPER and pad, and put it on top of their dresser, or whatever flat topper piece of furniture is convenient. Because your baby will use their dresser for years to come, and you can easily give away or store a changing pad.

For reference, the changing topper below is under $30 and the changing table below is around $130.


changing topper - great item for baby registry


changing table - you don't need this on your baby registry

Baby timers

when I heard about this one… I was like, “what the actual F?”

Yes, there seriously exists a specific device to keep track of baby’s last feeding, diaper, etc. etc….

You guys, just download a free app…

or you could…

wait for it… use a pencil and paper. Novel idea, right?


cell phone app for baby stat tracking


baby timer - you don't need this on your baby registry

Fancy Bassinet

You really don’t need one of these UNLESS you’re wanting to have baby in a sidecar style bassinet that connects up to your own bed.

Instead, register for a pack n’ play.

I had both of my babies in their pack n’ play next to my bed until I moved them into their own room.

Your kiddo will grow out of their bassinet before you know it, so it is definitely not money well spent. The pack ‘n play will get years of use all through toddlerhood.


pack n' play - great item for baby registry


baby bassinet - you don't need this on your baby registry

Small Size Baby Bottles

Alright, if you’re a breast feeding, stay at home mom, you might not even need bottles, so don’t register for any of these.

But if you plan on pumping at work, even part time, here’s what you need to know:

Baby bottles typically come in two sizes, a 4-5 oz and an 8-9 oz size.

Similar to newborn size clothes, you will get limited use out of the smaller bottles, and honestly, why not just put a small amount of breast milk or formula into a larger bottle, and cut your bottle budget in half?


9 oz bottles - great item for baby registry


4-5 oz baby bottles - totally unnecessary baby registry items

Baby Vitals Tracking Devices

I hope this won’t offend anybody, but unless your baby has a medical condition that causes them to need to be closely monitored, you don’t need a device to monitor and alert you to various physical changes.

A study has actually been done and shown no benefits to the child, and potential harm and “undue stress” on the parents. You can read this article to find out more on that.

Instead, use a video baby monitor with an on screen thermometer reading. You don’t need both.


vava video baby monitor - great item for baby registry


owlet baby vitals tracker - totally unnecessary baby registry items

Baby Bath

I have one of these. I use it.

BUT, it takes up a lot of space, and once baby wants to stand up, good luck keeping them in it.

The truth is, there are two much better solutions.

You already have a sink. They even make special mats to put in your sink for baby bath time, like the one below, that take up way less space.

Also, you can simply bathe with baby. They like it better anyways!


sink bath pad flower for baby bath - great item for baby registry


baby bath - totally unnecessary baby registry items

Bathtub Faucet Protector

I’m really not sure why they have these, other than to steal the money of naive expecting parents.

By the time your child is big enough to be able to slip and fall because they’re running around in a tub, you’ll be experienced enough to just buy a good non-slip mat instead of one of these gimmicky gadgets.

You’ll also know that you shouldn’t have your baby or toddler in the tub without your hands on them, so the likelihood that you will let them slip and hit their head is not very high.


non slip bath mat - great item for baby registry


faucet protector - totally unnecessary baby registry items

Bath Thermometer

I won’t go too far into this one… but if you stick your forearm into the water, you’ll know if it’s too hot… Similar to when you’re testing the temperature of a bottle of milk.

Save your $19.


use your forearm to test the water temperature for your baby


bath tub thermometer - totally unnecessary baby registry items

Baby grooming kit

You can do everything with a regular comb and other self care items you already have, that you can do with these specialty baby items that you won’t use.

Baby’s hair is usually thin, soft, and dries fast, so it doesn’t need to be brushed. And if they develop cradle cap, a comb (or gentle use of your fingernails) works better to get rid of the dead skin.

We did use the tiny fingernail clippers, but we have also used regular ones and they work just as well.


regular grooming tools work just fine for baby


baby grooming kit - totally unnecessary baby registry items

Nose Bulb Sucker

I’ve tried to use these… Honestly. Many times.

This is the most useless, unsatisfying device known to man.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that babies have gotten stuffy noses from time to time ever since mankind has walked the earth… and they’ve been ok.

But these are cheap, if you want one, go for it. I’m just saying, don’t hold your breath for them to work effectively.

I’ve not tried it myself, but a LOT of moms recommend the Nose Frida system, where you suck it out through a tube (I know, it sounds weird, but apparently it is very effective)… so if you want to you could check into that.


nose frida - great item for baby registry


bulb nose sucker - totally unnecessary baby registry items

Expensive, Technologically Advanced Thermometers.

You might want one anyways, and that’s ok. I know some moms that think these are great. And I’ll admit that my kids are not sick very often, so that could be weighing heavily on my opinion of these…

BUT, when my kids have had temperatures, they were awake often in the night anyways, so waking them up to take their temperature wasn’t an issue.

The $1 thermometer that I got from CVS under their little arm has served me well for 4 years and going strong. If you buy it on Amazon, it’s more like $10, but wither way, save your $79.


standard thermometer - great item for baby registry


fancy shmancy thermometer - totally unnecessary baby registry item

Clothes with Excessive Snaps, Buttons, or Over-the-head Types

Just close your eyes and imagine… it’s 4am. You’ve just been woken up for the 5th time by the piercing sound of your baby screaming at the top of their little lungs.

You stagger into the nursery. You go through the “baby crying checklist”, and discover a wet diaper. Then you lay them down to do a diaper change, undo about 39 snaps to get access to their nether region, and proceed with changing their diaper.

You know that baby will be more likely to wake up if they’re cold, and so you proceed to DO. UP. 39. SETS. OF. SNAPS….


Seriously, just don’t do it. It shocks me that baby clothes with snaps rather than buttons have not been made illegal yet. (Okay for daytime clothes MAYBE, but for footie jammies that would work 10x faster with zippers? Really?)


zipper pajamas for baby - great item for baby registry


baby pajamas with snaps - a total pain in the butt. don't put these on your baby registry

Special Baby Scrap Book

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have something like this, however… If you’re not the scrap booking type, then chances are, you’ll have this sitting in the closet FOREVER.

They take time, creativity, and… oh right… TIME, to put together.

To make my point clear, I am a creative, craftsy type of person, but I have yet to finish my first son’s baby book (he’s almost 4 years old).

I recommend taking the plethora of photos you take on your phone, and using a photobook app to create photobooks every month or two.

Also, having a photo frame with your baby’s foot and hand prints is really nice to have, and doesn’t take up nearly as much time to get done.



In Conclusion…

There are probably some other outrageously unnecessary baby items that I’ve forgotten, or don’t know about… so feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what YOU think the most unnecessary baby items are!

And I’m sure there are lots of people out there who disagree with some of these! But I tried my best based on my own experience.

Don’t forget to check out my Ultimate Baby Registry Necessities List as well! While you’re there you can grab the free printable PDF download.

I hope this helped you in your baby preparation journey, and to have an easier time building your baby registry.

Thanks so much for reading!

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